We are an Irish- based registered multimedia company called  Devine media.

We have been working with Dr Edward De Bono for the past few years.

Our initial brief was to make available on-line, for the first time, "The De Bono Code".

This project was finalised and went on-line during March 2009.

During the creation of the de Bono Code web site we were asked by Dr de Bono to publish on-line the full version of CoRT Thinking.

We have been working on this project for the past year and it is now ready to be launched.

In addition to the written material, we have also added a large amount of video footage. Some of this footage was shot during actual CoRT lessons, some of it gives an overview of the CoRT system, and the last videos show CoRT being thought to teachers.

We would like to take this opportunity, to thank, all those  in the teaching profession, who gave us the opportunity to make this possible.

A particular word of thanks to all the teaching staff and of course the pupils at The Holy Spirit Primary Ballymun Dublin, and Ashbrook First Primary Milton Keys for taking part in the making of the videos.

A special mention to the following professionals as they appear in the video footage;

Janet Newman Head teacher at Ashbrook.

Prof David Lane Middlesex University.

Prof Edward De Bono CoRT Thinking pioneer.

Jim O Sullivan Former primary principle.

Tom O Farrell CEO de Bono Foundation.

Danny Relihan Teacher at The Holy Spirit.

Nigel Newman Master Trainer CoRT Thinking.










  • Teacher License
  • Yearly Student Licence
  • Teacher Guides/60 Lesson Plans
  • Over 5 Hours Training Videos
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  • CoRT School License
  • Multiple Teacher Accounts
  • Teacher Guides/60 Lesson Plans
  • Over 5 Hours Training Videos
  • more info...