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With a subscription to this website you will have available every resource you need to bring the full "CoRT Thinking Lessons" to your school. The CoRT programme is the most effective and tested thinking programme in the World.

Developed in Cambridge University by Dr. Edward de Bono.


The general effect of the CoRT lessons in school. The headings below are not in any order of sequence:

1. Teacher training: The CoRT lessons offer an opportunity for teachers to acquire experience in teaching an open-ended subject and also a process subject. The teacher has to proceed without relying on textbook content or imparted information. Through this method the teacher offers a sense of achievement to students.

2. Student/Pupil training: The CoRT lessons offer an opportunity for practice in talking, thinking and social interaction. In the CoRT lessons the students usually work in small groups. In some schools this provides the only opportunity in the whole curriculum for group work (certainly at the younger ages). Students also have to listen to each other and to different points of view.

3. Thinking as a skill: The lessons encourage people to look at thinking as a skill that can be used deliberately and not only as an extension of the ego ("I am right and you are wrong") or in support of prejudice.

4. Framework and operations: The lessons provide a framework for simple practical thinking and also some basic processes. Even if a student takes no more from the whole CoRT course than an understanding and use of the PMI, the course will have been well worthwhile.

5. New Subjects: It is not easy to introduce subjects for discussion into the classroom. Under what heading would you discuss school rules?

How would you discuss choice of careers with twelve-year-olds?

Are tests important?

What are the students responsibilities?

What do children think of the police?

What is wrong with parents?

Should people be paid according to how hard they work or according to their needs?

In some schools there are special social study classes or career classes but these are specialised. Any subject whatsoever can be introduced into a CoRT lesson.

6. School and student discipline: It may seem paradoxical that some schools see in the CoRT lessons an aid to discipline. It might seem that a subject which encourages children to think for themselves would work against discipline. On the contrary the CoRT lessons removes confrontation and provide a common basis for thinking about and discussing situations that would otherwise have to be dealt with on an emotional basis.

7. Creativity and Lateral Thinking: In CoRT Thinkng section 4, you will find the complete ten thinking lessons.   

8. It can be done: The CoRT Thinking Lessons do work. A great variety of schools around the world are now using the CoRT thinking lessons across different age and ability ranges.

9. Enroll now, and gain full access for one year on-line to the sixty CoRT Thinking Lessons, and the on-line instructional tuition videos for 1,199 Euros.

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