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With a subscription to this website you will have every resource you need to teach your classroom how to think. The CoRT programme is the most effective and tested thinking programme in the world.

Developed in Cambridge University by Dr. Edward de Bono.


Most of the difficulty with thinking as a subject arises from its nature as a process subject. Teachers are more used to content subjects. The idea of a subject that is designed to allow students to practice a particular skill - rather than learn something- is new to many teachers. But the awkwardness of novelty is only there the first time.

The more a teacher teaches the CoRT lessons the easier they become. There are teachers who have taken one group of students through the introductory section and have then done the same with a new class. The second time around it is much easier. This is because teachers have acquired their own teaching style and idiom and the confidence that goes with knowing the lesson. They also have a larger store of examples and illustrations. They can anticipate the students' difficulties and the points that will need clarifying.

It gives each pupil in your class the opportunity to explore their own creativity and also introduces the concept of lateral thinking into your classroom.


Many teachers using the CoRT material will be doing so on their own. It would be nice if they could be supported by some form of central support or by meetings with other teachers using the material, for it is difficult to work in isolation.

To overcome this we have provided you with an on-line forum which enables you to communicate with other users.


The CoRT Thinking Lessons do work. A great variety of teachers have used the material at different age and ability levels, in a wide variety of schools.

The important thing, is that teachers treat the CoRT material as a simple, practical framework, within which they can develop their own style and method.


It is not easy to introduce subjects for discussion into the classroom.

Under what heading would you discuss school rules?

How would you discuss choice of careers with twelve-year-olds?

Are tests important?

What do children think of the police?

What is wrong with parents?

Should people be paid according to how hard they work or according to their needs?

In some schools there are special social study classes or career classes but these are specialised. Any subject whatsoever can be introduced into a CoRT lesson.


It may seem paradoxical that some schools see in the CoRT lessons an aid to discipline. It might seem that a subject which encourages children to think for themselves would work against discipline. On the contrary the CoRT lessons removes confrontation and provide a common basis for thinking about and discussing situations that would otherwise have to be dealt with on an emotional basis.

Creativity and Lateral thinking.

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