Teach your Child to Think

With a subscription to this website you will have every resource you need to teach your children how to think. The CoRT programme is the most effective and tested thinking programme in the world.

Developed in Cambridge University by Dr. Edward de Bono.

Parents using the CoRT Thinking Lessons with children.

As you are reading this material as a parent, it indicates that you have a desire to research thinking methods, which will be of benefit to your child.

By being able to access the complete sixty lessons for the first time ever on-line, makes it possible for you to begin teaching these lessons to your child today.

These lessons have been designed regardless of age and abilities (four years to adult), with the same successful results.

There is great freedom in how you structure your lessons. Allowing you an individual approach when using CoRT with your child.

Some parents have informed us that they sometimes introduce a particular lesson over the breakfast table, and sometimes during a walk in the park. Other parents use the lessons in a more structured manner.

Some benefits of using CoRT:

  • Better communication with your child.
  • CoRT lessons empowers children.
  • Preparing or dealing with the challenging "teen" years and conflicts.
  • Family unit bonding.
  • Allows the child to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Removes prejudice.
  • Enables your child to deal with situations, such as school issues, career choice and personal issues.
  • It offers students the ability to voice their own issues with problems in schools, for example with bullying.
  • Makes you aware of other peoples feelings and views.
  • It empowers the child to value their own thinking process.
  • Awakens creativity and introduces the use of lateral thinking.

Enroll now, and gain full access to the sixty CoRT Thinking Lessons, ALSO total access to five hours of on-line instructional videos for 99 Euros.



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  • Background to teaching thinking Guide.
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